Medium Canvas Bag CNY Gift Set 心想事成帆布包新年礼盒

(15 customer reviews)

Medium Canvas Bag CNY Gift Set 心想事成帆布包新年礼盒

(15 customer reviews)


There are 2 types of cookies of your choice inside the Canvas Bag Gift Set. Customise and order now for your friends and family during Chinese New Year.

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Product information


Our Medium Canvas Bag CNY Gift Set can fit a total of

  • 2 x CNY cookie bottles (Bottle size: 10cm W x 12cm H)

Pieces per bottle:

  • Pineapple: ~23-25pcs
  • Chicken floss: ~35-40pcs

Here are all the options you can choose for your Medium Canvas Bag CNY Gift Set:

  • Set MC01 (RM81): Pineapple Tarts + Almond Florentine  (Sold Out)
  • Set MC02 (RM73): Pineapple Tarts + Chicken Floss Roll 
  • Set MC03 (RM78): Pineapple Tarts + Prawn Roll
  • Set MC04 (RM78): Pineapple Tarts + Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
  • Set MC05 (RM78): Pineapple Tarts + Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Set MC06 (RM76): Pineapple Tarts + German Butter Cookies
  • Set MC07 (RM76): Pineapple Tarts + Peanut Cookies
  • Set MC08 (RM71): Pineapple Tarts + Fried Lotus
  • Set MC09 (RM68): Pineapple Tarts + Ngaku Chips 
  • Set MC010 (RM68): Pineapple Tarts + Curry Fried Surimi 
  • Set MC011 (RM71): Pineapple Tarts + Fried Seaweed
  • Set MC012 (RM81): Chicken Floss Roll + Almond Florentine (Sold out)
  • Set MC013 (RM78): Chicken Floss Roll + Prawn Roll
  • Set MC014 (RM76): Chicken Floss Roll + Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
  • Set MC015 (RM76): Chicken Floss Roll + Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Set MC016 (RM73): Chicken Floss Roll + German Butter Cookies
  • Set MC017 (RM73): Chicken Floss Roll + Peanut Cookies
  • Set MC018 (RM71): Chicken Floss Roll + Fried Lotus
  • Set MC019 (RM68): Chicken Floss Roll + Ngaku Chips
  • Set MC020 (RM68): Chicken Floss Roll + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC021 (RM71): Chicken Floss Roll + Fried Seaweed
  • Set MC022 (RM76): Almond Florentine + Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies (Sold Out)
  • Set MC023 (RM73): Almond Florentine + German Butter Cookies (Sold Out)
  • Set MC024 (RM73): Almond Florentine + Peanut Cookies (Sold Out)
  • Set MC025 (RM68): Almond Florentine + Fried Lotus (Sold Out)
  • Set MC026 (RM68): Almond Florentine + Curry Fried Surimi (Sold Out)
  • Set MC027 (RM73): Prawn Roll + German Butter Cookies
  • Set MC028 (RM73): Prawn Roll + Peanut Cookies
  • Set MC029 (RM71): Prawn Roll + Ngaku Chips
  • Set MC030 (RM71): Prawn Roll + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC031 (RM73): Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies + German Butter Cookies
  • Set MC032 (RM73): Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies + Peanut Cookies
  • Set MC033 (RM73): Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies + Fried Lotus
  • Set MC034 (RM68): Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC035 (RM71): Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies + Fried Seaweed
  • Set MC036 (RM73): Double Chocolate Cookies + German Butter Cookies
  • Set MC037 (RM73): Double Chocolate Cookies + Peanut Cookies
  • Set MC038 (RM71): Double Chocolate Cookies + Fried Lotus 
  • Set MC039 (RM68): Double Chocolate Cookies + Ngaku Chips
  • Set MC040 (RM71): German Butter Cookies + Peanut Cookies 
  • Set MC041 (RM66): German Butter Cookies + Ngaku Chips
  • Set MC042 (RM66): German Butter Cookies + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC043 (RM68): German Butter Cookies + Fried Seaweed
  • Set MC044 (RM68): Peanut Cookies + Fried Lotus
  • Set MC045 (RM66): Peanut Cookies + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC046 (RM68): Peanut Cookies + Fried Seaweed
  • Set MC047 (RM63): Fried Lotus + Ngaku Chips
  • Set MC048 (RM61): Fried Lotus + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC049 (RM61): Ngaku Chips + Curry Fried Surimi
  • Set MC050 (RM63): Curry Fried Surimi + Fried Seaweed
Our Pineapple Tarts are made with premium imported butter, and home-cooked fresh pineapple fillings. No artificial preservatives and coloring are used so you can celebrate this Chinese New Year with our healthy tarts
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    Love it

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    Easy for gifting

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    Service was excellent in response time.

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    It’s beautiful and good quality, next year will buy more my relatives!

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    Adorable gift

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    great packing

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    Looks amazing and well prepared~ Perfect gift for CNY

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    Received in good condition 🙂
    Nice packaging, love it!
    Delivered on time, like that!

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